The voice of a stranger echoes in my mind.

I came back today, just for a while. The walls were still the same but the faces had changed. Even though I could recognize their smiles, their voices were no longer mine.

The human drama goes on and on as we scurry around with our insect-like thougts, always on the brink of exhaustion, trying to scratch the surface of another heart with our clawless, harmless baby fists.

There was a time when everything was silence and all the things were laid bare. Then we discovered the word and rational thought and we made it our goal to drown the silence. We corrupted it, we twisted it, we strained it without understanding that we too are made of silence.

Sometimes I fall in love with the warmth of a hand I have never held. Sometimes I want to love the sadness in his old, tired eyes as I tell him that there is nothing to fear, that the silence is coming and that his soul will be laid bare again before the Unmaker. Sometimes I find a blue moon in her smile and I pray for the sun to never rise again. But then I remember that I am in love with the sun too.

Can we really love someone without ever hurting them?

Today I only want to sleep my mind away into nothingness within the walls of this impenetrable fortress that is the self.