Registry of Contrarian Occurrences, Final Entry

Type of entity: manuscript. Probably drug induced or acquired through other equally contrarian means. Possibilities might include: undue consorting with chaos entities, unauthorized communion with the absent dead or perhaps self inflicted temporal transposition. Note: how a lowly entity such as this might have acquired the means or the knowledge to access such complex processes remains unknown. This must be further investigated.

Censorship status: Absolute. The goal of this Inquisitor will be the location and utter destruction of any extant copies of this document, including those found in memories, dreams and reflections. In order to achieve this, the complete observation of the 9th Decree is advised: those in contact with the contrarian text must be hunted down and executed on sight without hesitation. Doubt is the seed of change. Change is the bed of chaos. Note: to ensure the preservation of the sacred enunciations, this Inquisitor shall enforces the decree to its absolute expression. Entities suspected of at least Third-degree contact with the heretic, including indirect contiguity and unaware coexistence, shall be terminated and their souls expunged from the cycle. This Inquisitor shall expunge itself from the cycle once the task is completed and the contrarian threat has been completely suffocated.

Contrarian categorization: Irredeemeably Contrarian. The mere existence of this entity in any of its manifestations presents a direct threat to the cycle. The integrity of the Faith might already be compromised.

Reccomended Course of Action: no expense or consideration must stand in the way of anything less than the total extintion of the contrarian entity. If possible, a reality revision should be carried out to prevent the entity, and thereby any products or outcomes derived from its existence, from ever taking place. Although this may cause a false loop paradox, the possibility should at least still be regarded as plaussible. Should the contrarian infection become too widespread to contain, or should its occurrence happen to posses an immovable ontological status, a complete eschaton of the current iteration is reccommended. The Faith shall prevail.

Final considerations: Although the soul of this Inquisitor is of no value or consequence, the Principle of Irreduction dictates that the expunged soul of this Inquisitor should still be considered elligible for resuscitation or at the very least recorporeation to better serve the interests of the Faith.

Textual representation of the contrarian occcurrence:

“I am.”

Before Hope

They never went back, did they?

To those days of old when everything seemed easier and brighter and smiles were true and sincere and didn’t hurt.

I guess they couldn’t.

They were just too entrenched in their new, darker but somehow more real realities. When a shadow falls, others follow, and there is not a single corner left in the world that feels real and alive again. No more joy in the little things, no more careless, breathtaking laughs. Just the frustration of the future that almost came to be but never was. The suspicion behind every secret glance, of every fleeting touch of the hand and every half-hearted smile.

But it’s not that the mirror has broken or that lights have dimmed. It’s only that you are just learning to see, to use your eyes for what they really were meant to.

Were they ever happy?

I guess they were. Only that they never realised. They were too busy trying to peer into the depths of a future that was only theirs to write and forgot about their present.

They forgot about themselves.

Will they ever be happy again?

I hope so. I trully hope. There’s already too much hatred in this world. I hope they learn to love themselves the way they could never love each other. Because they deserve it. They deserve to be happy. Even if they don’t know it. Even if they don’t feel it. Only when they accept that fact, only when they understand it, they will free to face the world. To struggle. To love.

To live.

Everything will be fine.

Everything. In no time at all.