Of course, it’s not far from here. You can’t miss it. Follow. The alley where the whores sell their hands to beardless men. It’s also the place to be if you want to find a new leg or hip. Yeah, the rates are crazy high these days, but what can you do when rain is now five a piece and local bottled thoughts run dry? Anyway, go through the alley and turn where the buildings bend their heads and bow to each other. No, not that way. Where they BEND THEIR HEADS, not where they shake their hands. That’s Ishana’s territory and you don’t want to go there, right? Unless you want to wake up with one head less and an unsurmountable debt to the Collectors, that is. Yes, that’s it. Yes. When you get to the Street of Icons, pay attention to the stalls with blinking eyes. What? Of course they are not real eyes! Are you bad in the synth? Who can afford those these days anyway? No, they are a mineralish composition made of mica and silver traces, I think. From before, yes. They should be hanging from the posts. They are tourist traps, but no one comes here anymore so they are just hanging there now. The blinking ones, yes. You’ll know because they blink. Well, most of them at least. Yes. Once you are there, avoid the Patch-Robbed monks. Don’t look at them, don’t talk to them, don’t even acknowledge them or they’ll know. What? I don’t know. I think Gunga Din has now the rights to most of them. Gnostic Zen, Buddhislam… The Talmodians and the Gotholics are still being disputed. Yes, those goatfuckers are having the time of their lives up there while we rot in here. Their karmic debt must be soaring the third sky by now. Yeah, whatever.  Listen, this shit is important, ok? Alright. Accepted. Now focus. You should be almost there by then. You may think you are safe, you may think you have made it, but now comes the most important bit. Do not mention anything about her missing hand. Or her fourth nose. Or her last hair. And whatever you do, DO NOT LOOK HER IN THE EYE! What? Yes, I know she doesn’t have a face! I told you this was the most important part and you are not even listening. Whatever. It’s your soul, not mine. And judging by the looks of you, you don’t have many left. Yes. Exactly. Good! Now go. Just follow. It’s not far from here. You can’t miss it.