Vandet er tom

som hendes øjne

i sommer

som vores ure

ved fødslen.


Et møl uden et vinge

flyver til køkkenet

hvor to måltilder hviler

i den stillheden af det kolde,

som igår

som altid.


Jeg er tomheden

mellem dine fødder

og jorden,

mellem dine hænder

og verden.




The water is empty

like her eyes

in summer

like our clocks

at birth.


A moth without a wing

flies into the kitchen

where two meals rest

in the quietness of the cold,

like yesterday

as always.


I am the emptiness

between your feet

and the earth,

between your hands

and the world.


I have this idea you know that there is a clock for everything we do, there is a clock for walking, for eating, for blinking a clock for everything do you follow? Yes? Well then these clocks are always ticking, always ticking, always ticking and when the time in a clock runs out the clock breaks the hour hand trips on the minute hand and both fall down and there is no way you can fix it do you follow? Yes? So when the clock breaks it no longer ticks and it can’t count the time so that thing you used to do simply stops happenning.


There is :

a clock for kissing

a clock for breathing

a clock for missing

and a clock for waiting

There is:

a clock for crying

a clock for dreaming

a clock for feeling

and a clock for wishing

There is also a clock for sex

a clock for touch

a clock for her

and also a clock

for everyone else


Of all of them the clock of life ticks faster,

the clock of death well it knows no master.


But don’t worry my friend

since nothing’s really at a stake:

in all the clocks it is already too late.

Apathic Bones Consume

Answer, anxious ancient arson:

Are apathic absolutions ablaze?

Are androgynous admonitions agape?

Answer! Abrupt absolvers are astray.


Beware, bewildering brass bones bless

briefly besieged brimstone,

bringing blood, birth, bliss,

but blooming before

broken bits, burning beasts

become bewormed.


Can crumbling crimson crests cease?

Come cynical child, create critical cities!

Curious cinders creep, crippling charred corpses.

Can corpses consume constellations?

Chosen creatures: cast corroded care,

Corruption cannot change.